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Each week we will do our best to deliver on a; smile, an interesting fact or scratch your head while pondering something kind of article.

Why “The Sophisticated Chimp”?

Chimps are curious, have complex family structures and provide images that are hard not to smile at. The path of a curious novice with a touch of levity is the target for this publication and the chimps pictured are the reminders to smile even when we wade into some of the smellier topics.

On top of that, it is our experience that taking yourself too seriously typically leads nowhere good, so we try to embrace the silliness of our chimp images at the very least.

Who are The Sophisticated Chimps?

It is my hope that if you are reading this you are also a curious seeker-of-knowledge who is trying to do right by your people and stay in front of the implications of some of these topics.

Fun Fact of part of our love for Chimps:

Chimps (like humans) are some of the only animals in the animal kingdom that raise their heads high and move towards trouble when suddenly faced with it. They do it because of a frontal lobe oriented ability to process information and then make informed decisions on troubled topics. Almost all other animals instinctively first run away from trouble versus first gathering intelligence on the situation then making their move.

What does the writer chimp typically study?

I am very curious about three topics:

  • What causes America Inc. and it’s stock, the U.S. dollar, to rise and fall

  • The health of myself and my family, and

  • Curious statistics (my brain loves them like cookies)

What is the profile of our typical Sophisticated Chimp?:

  • They take care of their family, their business and their affairs

  • They probably believe in insurance products

  • They are not the first to jump out of the plane

  • They are curious but busy

  • They have an acute awareness of how valuable time is

  • They enjoy contributing to their communities in their own ways

  • They love the principles of the US, but may not love the direction it is always traveling in

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Raised in Louisiana by a history loving contrarian economist, trained as an aerospace engineer and born deeply curious. Living with my family part time in the Middle East and part time in Louisiana.